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Lifting the veil: what really happens in Belgium's healthcare system with euthanasia

Posted on 2014/05/28 at 10h34

Claire-Marie LE HUU-ETCHECOPAR  Categorie Testimonies
Infirmière, Bruxelles

As a nurse in Brussels, I first worked in a cancer ward and in a care unit support. So I was very quickly confronted with the demands and the practice of euthanasia. For six years, I have seen how this law significantly undermines the links of solidarity we have for the sick. More than just highlighting dubious procedures, today we are now helping along a radical change in attitudes towards death and care of the dying.

Euthanasia legal, ethically precariou...

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Louis was my friend...

Posted on 2013/10/22 at 6h10

Bernard MICHELET  Categorie Testimonies

I met Louis in his retirement home. For several years, we meet regularly. Lately, Louis had won a medal because it was him who had walked the longest distance across the house. He proudly wore it everyday.

Louis - who had relapsed for a mental problem already successfully treated before - was hospitalized for pneumonia. I went to see him everyday. He had no family who could take care of him. My visits made ??us both happy. It gratified me every time with a wonderful smile which he had the secret...

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Should nurses in Belgium dare to speak out?

Posted on 2013/04/17 at 6h46

A NURSE working in Brussels  Categorie Testimonies

Would these "angels" who accommodate you in the emergency units, when you are failing after a surgery, or cheer up your close relations and dearest siblings, have a word to say? Or should they keep silent "forever" and leave the last word to doctors, undertakers or "scientists"?

They know everything, they are like ants, they work in silence, look after their patients in their deepest privacy, strictly follow medical orders for the good of the patient. They are far more around the patients than the doctor himself and hear them, their claims, their tears, their laughter, their desperate cries sometimes, and also their silence. They are the confidents of your sufferings, either if it concerns yourself or a close relation who you are accompanying...

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