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Enter creative resistance !

Posted on 2013/09/02 at 3h30

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Emmanuelle WILMART Emmanuelle WILMART
Former hospital chaplain

To you who have chosen to care for the sick, aging beings, we will all be dying sooner or later, I am sending you a call: Please, in the name of what drives your work in depth and presided over your career, in the name of your hands and your hearts daily engaged with the sick and suffering, in the name of our common humanity delicate and beautiful at the same time, enter into resistance!

Yes, resist this deadly spirit that spreads in our humanity and tries to shorten and oppress the heart of man neither seen nor known.

Euthanasia (and any extension of this practice) is an act that undermines from within the gift of two lives: the diminished and suffering life of those who are tempted to see in the euthanasia a solution to its deep spiritual distress and the lives of those who are trying to respond and take care of it by practicing euthanasia. Why?

Our human heart is a heart for others, a living heart, a hollow heart for one another regardless of their face and proximity. The way to happiness is to become a home space for others. To live is to welcome at home and be welcomed. In order for this movement of meeting and live flows, grows and does not dry up in a lifetime, it takes 3 fuels: a loving Source, confidence and hope.

Trust for the fear to go out and not be welcomed torments us and condemns us to withdraw, hope as we sometimes meet within us and within others heart closures and that we do not always see the fruits of our love and a loving source for love wakes up and grows in us as long as we allow ourselves be loved. The fruitfulness of life and its plethora involving interior and concrete struggle against everything that destroys it from the inside or outside: withdrawal, despair, neglect, selfishness, deception, ...

To euthanize a human being without hope, love or trust is to abandon that human being in the spiritual death. To reply to spiritual distress by the act of euthanasia consists in locking the other in spiritual death. It is the victory of death within death!

This is also ruining within itself the very movement of life and fertility. To give death, is to condemn your hope and to lose sight on which you give your life day to day. Euthanasia after euthanasia, the risk of losing the taste for life is great! Without horizon, the gift vanishes ...

When one of us has exhausted its vital resources, may they find in those around something to give in completely in love and trust. May they warmed their soul in contact with yours and let themselves carry away! Our spiritual treasures communicate, we are deeply supportive of each other. Similarly we can share (in part) the suffering of others and empathize, we can shine with delicacy and sweetness what enlivens and sustains our life, Life within life!

Please, do not give in to that nagging temptation to believe that refusing to perform euthanasia makes you less loving and less compassionate.

Instead, refusing to perform euthanasia is refusing to introduce a seed of death in a heart that is entrusted to you. To say no to euthanasia is to recognize and take care of this inner sanctuary that makes a human being a human being. It's to love it and honor it in its deepest mystery!

Of course, to refuse euthanasia involves in the same movement to build concrete and structurally reception areas beneficial for the dying, spreading the palliative culture beyond palliative care. The inner life is so damaged when the body is neglected, abused, ignored! It is about taking care of the whole person and building a society for them that actually offers them a "home area" for all seasons of life.

In conclusion, I appeal: Why not create today more "palliative houses"? Do we really lack economic and human resources to dare propose new structures where life flows through to the end? I do not think so! We are capable of more, so much more! I saw it closely by your sides. Your medical skills, the generosity of the gift that lives in you, your hospital hearts to the plight of others for me are tangible "evidence" of that qualitatively more human that we can implement.

Dare we enter into creative resistance?

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