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We aim to protect all human life, also the doctor's life! !

Dr Benoît BEUSELINCK  Categorie Opinion from medical professionals

Since 2002, euthanasia is, under certain conditions, decriminalized in Belgium. I belong to the increasing group of doctors who believe that the law brings more problems than it solves.

There is no need to quote the Bible or any encyclical, my argument can be based entirely on scientific / empirical observation. Indeed, the only "benefit" of this law is that it has transformed our country into a laboratory where we can see beyond the philosophical considerations and the reality of daily practice the profound changes in attitude and aberrations that such law may induce a decade...

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VIDEO: Euthanasia slipery slope

Prof Raphael Cohen-Almagor  Categorie Citizens'opinion

Euthanasia for people 'tired of life': Prof Raphael Cohen-Almagor, who has conducted extensive research on euthanasia in the Netherlands and in Belgium, raises concerns about further expansion of the practice in Belgium.


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Enter creative resistance !

Emmanuelle WILMART
Former hospital chaplain

To you who have chosen to care for the sick, aging beings, we will all be dying sooner or later, I am sending you a call: Please, in the name of what drives your work in depth and presided over your career, in the name of your hands and your hearts daily engaged with the sick and suffering, in the name of our common humanity delicate and beautiful at the same time, enter into resistance!

Yes, resist this deadly spirit that spreads in our humanity and tries to shorten and oppress the heart of man neither seen nor known...

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