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Euthanasie Stop > Something is terribly wrong in the state of Belgium

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Belgium

Posted on 2016/02/24 at 5h17  Categorie Opinion from medical professionals

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While certain Belgian politicians praise this law on euthanasia as one of the most " modern and progressive" in the world, the fact that a mere DSM label can be used as a licence to dispose of psychiatric patients by euthanasia , proves to me that something is terribly wrong in the state of Belgium.

It proves that the architecs of this infamous law were no professionals neither in the field of psychiatry nor in the domain of law making.

They were driven by pure ideology and there is ample proof that ideology is not a good source for inspiration in the edification of well balanced laws. By granting autonomy and agency an absolute superiority over solidarity they weaken the texture that every society needs in order to face the many challenges the future will throw at it.

Solidarity with the weak, the sick, the refugees, the hungry is the logo that is to be preferred over individualism, egocentricity and narcism.

Even Darwin knew that societies that foster cooperation and solidarity will survive.

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